90' sloop Whitefin

    Whitefin, was the largest wooden sloop to be built in 30 years.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Whitefin’s launching was one of the most exciting days in this designer’s life.


    Photography: Benjamin Mendlowitz

    90' sloop Whitefin

    Bruce King’s Whitefin is one of the most beautiful yachts on any ocean.


    Photography: Billy Black

    90' sloop Whitefin

    Whitefin is dynamic grace and fluidity of line.

    “What better combination could you ask for than Bruce King on hull and rig and Joe Artese collaborating on the interior? Bruce can draw extremely pretty lines and there is no finer interior designer than Joe Artese”.

    Robert H. Perry, technical editor of Sailing Magazine.


    Photography: Benjamin Mednlowitz

    90' sloop Whitefin

    Whitefin’s main salon. Phil Long’s charge to Artese was to create an “artistic expression of 19th century grace…oh, and to ‘tax’ his woodworkers”.

    The Honduras mahogany salon features a multifaceted jewel like skylight illuminating the piano and all below. Note the sculpted handholds, which frame the doorway and create a tunnel or venture like effect.


    Photography: Benjamin Medlowitz

    90' sloop Whitefin

    Whitefin’s crystal cabinet was designed to allow through deck natural light to refract through the lead crystal stemware, each piece secured in place.

    Artese handles lighting as if he were lighting a stage set or museum display.

    Note the yacht’s half-hull model displayed above the custom bronze, wood burning, fireplace with onyx inlay and engraved ash box.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Whitefin’s galley is a simple expression of function. Custom Bronze Stove hood fascia is engraved with a dolphin motif.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Dramatic view aloft through gem like skylight.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Sensuous curves and turn of the century “simplicity” was the owner’s desire for Whitefin. To this end, it was the owner’s desire that there be no hot water in the owner’s head.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Owner’s quarters with secretary desk.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Section through salon looking forward toward piano and crew’s quarters beyond.


    90' sloop Whitefin

    Port elevation shows Artese’s blending of spaces. The huge laminated ring frame in way of the mast is a natural divider but Artese “blends” the spaces to overlap thus carrying the eye beyond these limitations to make the space feel larger.








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